Saturday, February 28, 2015

Outfit | Weekend relax

outfit, terranova boyfriend jeans, chloe ankle boots, tally weijl boots, blue knitted scarf, messy bun

Hey guys! It's a last day of February and that makes me exited, you know why!? Well because tomorrow is my birthday, yaaay!!! ;) Yap  1. march pisces, sensitive and intuitive, shares compassion and understanding for others.... he he. When ever I read about horoscope I'm like - why are pisces so emotional and weak and so blah :) Well I know one celebrity who's born on a same day as me. What do you think, who else then Justin Bieber himself! :) :) Omg, enough of rambling, I'm gonna try and relax and rest before Sunday cause I know it's gonna be crazy house all day, all of my family and friends will be coming over, so I need energy ;)!!! Leaving you with this casual relaxed look, with boyfriend jeans and my fave boots of all time. I did wore this knitted blue scarf that I got as a gift, I find it so interesting and lovely.
Talk to you on Monday!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Instagram | February

instagram photos, #fashion, #style, #beauty, #fashionblogger, #stylesensemoments

Hey guys! Happy Friday! ;)
Have you checked out my Instagram account yet!? Head over there and follow me so you wouldn't miss a thing ;) I would love to see what you guys are posting about, I just love stocking other people's accounts and photos ;) 
I wasn't that much into it, but lately I'm just obsessed, he he. Here are just some photos I posted this month! See you there!!!

Love you ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Outfit | Baggy pants all the way

outfit, baggy printed pants, beige fur vest, black coat, black combat boots, dr martens boots, black turtleneck

Hey guys!
Just a quick post and casual look for today. Lately I feel like I'm to casual all the time ;) You know when you just can be bothered dressing up but you still wanna look decent. Well most of the time I'm a hobo ;) or I'm totally dressed up!!! I'm loving these kind a baggy pants, they are so easy to wear and style but most of all they are so comfy!!! I have a couple of them in different prints already. Keeping warm with layers cause this winter is just not leaving.
Have a great rest of the week!
Talk to you on Friday!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Outfit | Statement faux fur

outfit, grey jeans with polka dots, black coat, grey faux fur collar, zara shoes, zara strappy heels, zara pointed heels

Hey you! Happy Monday!
How was you weekend guys!? 
I went to visit my nieces, they live an hour and a half drive from my town. I love spending time with my little girls, they always make my day ;) The thing is on my way back we run into a car accident and we couldn't pass by them so I had to go back and spend the night at my brothers place. Luckily I have everything I need there in case I decide to stay!!! So I spent two days with them, just having fun.
It was quite chilly these days so I was quite happy when I found this faux fur collar in my local boutique on sale. It's just a perfect thing to add on my black coat or on anything else, it's such a statement piece that I feel like it makes any outfit chic ;) Kept the whole look black and grey with my lovely DIY polka dotted jeans and Zara pumps.
Have a great week!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Beauty | Nude nails with rhinestones

beauty, nails, stiletto nails, nude stiletto nails with rhinestones, nail art, nail design, diy nails, gel nails

Hey guys!!!
Happy Friday!
It's time to update you on my nails ;) It's has been such a relief for me having gel nails for a while now. I don't have to think about doing my nails every five days, don't have to worry if they are chipped or not, or if one of them broke or something. All of that often happened to me when I had my natural nails. So now it's easier for me to have gel nails even more so cause I don't have to go at a salon and pay for them, I just do them on my own at home. But don't worry I'm a professional ;)
This time I opted for a more soft and neutral color, sparkly nude with some small rhinestones on them. I did change the shape again, I just love changing their shape. When they are short I make them square and when they grow longer I like them more pointy or stiletto!!!
How do you feel about having gel nails!? Is that something you would like to try!?