Friday, September 5, 2014

Outfit | All black and backless

LBD, little black dress, backless black dress, black faux leather jacket, c&a black pu faux leather jacket, DIY chain cut boots, aviator sunglasses, black studded clutch

Hey guys!
As you can see the weather is getting cooler and so is my range of colors ;) 
Well I guess you can never go wrong with all black look. I'm actually wearing my new PU leather jacket from C&A. That was quite a hunt for me, being petite it's hard to find the right fit without it looking over sized on me :/ This black dress my dad bought me and it's so easy to trow on, material is so soft, but still chic and interesting cause it's backless. And yeah rocking my DIY boots, that I just can't stop wearing ;) 
Have an amazing weekend and a start of a new week!!!

I'm leaving on my vacation tomorrow, so I'll be gone for next 10 days soaking up the sun! And you know what that means, lot of photos when I come back!!! ;) I'll miss you! Love you all!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beauty | Neutral with the touch of green

beauty and make up, make up inspiration for spring and summer, summer make up, green eye shadow make up look, black winged eyeliner, orange stiletto nails with round studs

Time to play with my make up! ;)
Actually these green gemstone earrings that I'm wearing inspired this make up look! Love the subtle green on them, so I added touch of green to my lower lash line. Everything else is neutral colors with black winged eyeliner. This is not an every day look but a girl can play, right!? ;) Hope it inspires you!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Outfit | Cartman kinda day

cartman print t shirt tee top, blue and white striped pencil skirt, deichmann white sneakers, styling white converse sneakers, carpisa black studded bag, sleek pony tail, back to school look,

"Screw you guys, I'm going home" ;) :) 
Omg how many times did I heard that, and it always makes me laugh!!! I'm guessing that the man behind me that is packing his bags is thinking the same thing, he he!!!
So yeah casual Cartman print tee kinda day, styling it with my Stradivarius white and blue stripes pencil skirt and white sneakers. Starting the September comfy and casual, cause you know school is starting. You could say that this would be mine back to school look, with big Carpisa black studded bag that can fit all your necessities! 
Wishing you a great start of the week, month and a school year!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Outfit | Embrace the lace, black crochet lace kimono, DIY chain cut boots, bershka white dress with animal print, white bodycon dress, black leaf rhinestone earrings, statement earrings

What's more feminine than a dress and a lace ;)
As I promised in my last post, I'm styling two other pieces from that were sent to me for a review. This gorgeous black lace kimono is one of them, so light weight and easy to wear. I love the floral lace details on it, and it even has shoulder pads that makes it more chic ;) I styled it with this Bershka white dress with some cute animal print and with these black leaf statement earrings from also. They are so eye catching and bit heavy but I don't mind ;) they were only $9.99.
 I'm leaving all the links for you if you wanna check them out, I'm really satisfied with the quality of their products and their prices. Don't forget that you can grab 15% off with your first purchase ;) 
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Outfit | Tropical lady, matching crop top and high waist shorts, matching separates trend, matching set trend, tropical print ruffled crop top and shorts, flat tan boots

Hey you guys!
I know the summer is slowly leaving room for fall but I can't stop wearing bright colors and tropical prints just yet! ;) One of the reason is this amazingly bright tropical print ruffled crop top and high waist shorts matching set that I was sent for a review from a site that sells women and men apparel, shoes and accessories. This lovely two piece you can find here - floral print two piece, it's currently out of stock, but you can always put it on your wish list and it will inform you when it's back in stock. Another great thing is that they have free shipping worldwide and 15% off your first order!!! I'm really impressed with their quality and that everything was true to size. To be honest I was a bit scared that the shorts would not fit me, but they actually fit like a glove (I'm a size S)
I must say that I love matching sets, you can wear them together or wear them separately with other pieces of your wardrobe, so many options...
Tell me are you into matching sets/separates this summer!?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Outfit | Touch of green jewelry and accessories, leaf design green gemstone earrings, faux leather black vest, boyfriend jeans, thrifted jeans, Bershka puma print mesh bodysuit, statement earrings

Hey guys!!!
Ok can you guess where the green is!? ;)
Yeah it's a new addition to my jewelry collection - Leaf design earrings from a and their jewelry and accessories line! I'm getting pretty obsessed with their jewelry pieces guys, such a nice quality for affordable prices. They have so many pieces to choose from! Can you imagine these beautiful statement earrings were only $3.99!!! And with the 10% off coupon code MMVT10 and free shipping it can't get any better!!!
They inspired this bit edgy look! Wearing my recently thrifted boyfriend jeans with this mesh puma bodysuit from Bershka and faux leather vest ( that was actually a jacket from Stradivarius that I cut the sleeves off ). 

Tell me are you into statement jewelry pieces as well!!?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Outfit | Casual with a bling

celine t shirt, boyfriend jeans, DIY chain cut boots, carpisa black studded bag, black cat eye sunglasses, sleek pony tail, statement necklace with white tee, jewelry and accessories

Hey you!
It's was so early in the morning when we were taking these photos, we went to a travel agency to book a trip for our vacation. I feel like I should be wearing a tee that says - I'm not a morning person ;) :) not the Celine tee, he he. I was trying not to look that casual so I added a little bling with this crystal gemstone necklace from You can't go wrong with a statement piece. 
So back to a vacation talk - it's decided we are going to Bulgaria in two weeks. I'm so exited, my hubby really needs a vacation, last year I went with my mom cause he couldn't go do to his work :( but this year we are making up for it!!! 
Tell me where are you going this year for a vacation or where have you been!??
Have an amazing week!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outfit | Anniversary date

anniversary date outfit, h&m black and white kimono, bershka black lace dress, black heel sandals, carpisa black studded bag, six orange earrings

Hey guys! Here I'm as I promised with my anniversary post and photos!
It was our second wedding anniversary on Sunday 17th
When we were dating we always use to go to Mexican restaurant "Zapata" for a dinner, so we kept that tradition when we got married ;) we were actually lucky cause this year that same restaurant opened up close to our home, how convenient ;) Oh how much I love they cuisine!!! Well I have to satisfy for Mexican cuisine cause there is no Peruvian cuisine in my town (and you all know I'm half Peruvian).
So tell me guys do you have a tradition for your anniversary!?